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18th February 2018:
New security Machin now available and in stock. U2925 50p Slate now with Date Code 17 previously only issued with date code 12.

27th January 2018:
6x New "U" Number Security Machins now in stock

U2958b The long awaited 1st Class Bright Scarlet with DATE 16 from counter sheets has finally turned up!
U2921 2p and U2923 10p Date 17 from counter sheets previously only available without overprinted backing paper are now in stock WITH overprinted backing paper.
U3012 5p , U3014 20p, and U3021c £1.17 all Code P date 17 gummed from the Game of Thrones DY24 Prestige Booklet.

Game of Thrones issues are now all listed and in stock (all SG numbers are provisional)
SG4043-4042 Set of 10 Stamps
MS4043 Miniature Sheet
Presentation Pack containing both the above set of 10 stamps and the miniature sheet.
SG4044-4047 Set of 4 commemorative stamps from the DY24 Prestige booklet
SG4048 1st class gummed definitive size stamp from the DY24 Prestige booklet
SG4049 1st Class self adhesive definitive size stamp from the DY24 Prestige booklet
P&G Pack 28, Game of Thrones Post & Go pack containing a 2nd & 1st Class Post & Go stamp.

31st December 2017:
More stamps added to the Selected Items page, with some nice Queen Victoria surface printed.  Including a superb £5 Orange on White Paper , 2s6d & 5/- on Blued Paper,  2/- Brown, £1 Brown both Crowns & Orbs watermarks.

16th December 2017:

The new Star Wars Prestige booklet DY23 is available now

3x New security Machins now listed, all from te DY23 Prestige booklet:
U3014a 2nd class gummed source code P date 17
U3016 1st class vermilion gummed source code p date code 17
U3023 £1.40 gummed source code p date code 17

Christmas issues now listed including Madonna & Child set and miniature sheet, Children's Paintings set and the combined presentation pack.

The Royal Platinum Wedding miniature sheet and presentation pack are now in stock and listed.

12th November 2017:

The new Star Wars stamps are now listed and include:
Commemorative Stamp Set
Self Adhesive Stamp Set (from PM Booklets)
Presentation Pack
2x Self Adhesive Booklets PM57 & PM58

20th October 2017:

Images now added to Postage Due Sets

21st September 2017:

Ladybird books stamp set and presentation pack now listed.

10th September 2017:

The latest Post & Go pack #27 Royal Mail Heritage: Mail by Air is now in stock.

7th September 2017

The latest "U" number security Machin has arrived and is now listed
U2969 Date 17 Source code B from business sheets

3rd September 2017:

3x New Security Machins added ("U Numbers")
U2968ab Date 17 Code B 1st class small from business sheets
U2970     Date 17 Code F 2nd class large from booklets of 4
U2983a   Date 17 Signed For date 17

The 2017 Great War now in stock and listed:
Set of 6 stamps
Presentation Pack
Prestige Booklet DY22

Also 2017 Classic Toys added and in stock:
Set of 10 stamps
Presentation Pack

12th August 2017:

Lots of new issues listed today.

The Prestige Booklet DY21 50th Anniversary of the Machin Definitive Stamp

Single stamps from the DY21 Machin Anniversary Prestige Booklet:
1-SG1668s 1st Class Black
2-SG2133 1st Class Double Head (Note the original 20p SG2133 has now been changed to SG2133a)
3-U3003 1st Class Bright Scarlet Gummed Date Code 17 Source Code P (Printed Gravure)
4-U3007 £1 Magenta Gummed Date Code 17 Source Code P (Printed Gravure)
5-SG3958-3963 Set of 6 commemoratives from the booklet
6-SG3966 £1 Gold Foil stamp (note Stanley Gibbons listed this as U3966 but I think this is incorrect as it has none of the security features of the "U" series

The 2 Machin 50th Anniversary miniature sheets MS3964 & MS3965

Windmills and Watermills Commemorative stamps set and presentation pack

Landmark Buildings Commemorative stamp set and presentation pack

4th August 2017:

6x New Security Machin "U" Numbers now listed and in stock:
U2920 1p Date 17
U2921 2p Date 17
U2961 2nd Class Code B Date 17
U2963 2nd Class Code T Date 17
U2968da 1st Bright Scarlet Code S Date 17
U2974a 1st Large Bright Scarlet Code F Date 17

3rd August 2017:

Scotland Regionals: 2nd &1st Class now listed with the revised queens head in grey S130a & S131a, replacing the previous silver head S130 & S131.

29th July 2017:

Post & Go Pack 26 Machin Anniversary pack
Songbirds set of 10 stamps and presentation pack
All now added

15th May 2017:

The new £5 65th Accession Anniversary stamp U3920 now in stock.

New Tariff stamps £1.17, £1.40, £1.57 £2.27 and £2.55 now listed with backing paper overprint and without backing paper overprint

More Date 17 Machins listed:  2nd class, 1st class , 2nd large and 1st large from counter sheets. 1st class scarlet from booklets of twelve, 1st large scarlet from business sheets, 1st large Signed for and 100g Special Delivery. Also 5p, 10p and 20p low value definitives all with date 17. The 5p and 20p has the backing overprint, the 10p is without the backing overprint.

David Bowie stamp set, miniature sheet, presentation pack and commemorative booklet now listed

Racehorse Legends stamp set and presentation pack now in stock and listed.

21st March 2017:

New Tariff Machin definitive stamps £1.17, £1.40, £1.57 £2.27 and £2.55 now in stock and listed in the "U" number section

New Regional Tariff stamps £1.17 and £1.40 for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales now in stock and can be found in the regional listings

Windsor Castle PM55 and David Bowie PM56 Commemorative booklets now listed.

12th February 2017:
Ancient Britain Stamp Set and Presentation Pack now listed

12th January 2017:
George V 1918 and 1934 Seahorses now listed and can be found in the  Definitive Stamp Sets section

24th December 2016:
Mint Queen Victoria Jubilee Issues now also listed as single stamps.

17th December 2016:
Just when we thought we could close the books on all the 2016 issues another one appears!
New in and now listed, the "U" Number Secutity Machin Stamp U2940 £2.25 previously issued with date 15 now just found with   Date 16

14th December 2016:
More SG7 Penny Reds from Penny Black plates added including a very fine Plate 9 pair.
All can be found in the Line Engraved listings.

21st November 2016:

New security Machin now listed.

1st Large Vermilion date 13, source code B with type II security slits. Has breaks at top and bottom in the U slits, unlike the already listed type I that has no breaks.

The Mr Men & Little Miss issues are all now listed and in stock

  • SG3891-3900 Set of 10 Mr Men commemorative stamps
  • Presentation pack #533
  • PM54 Mr Men Self Adhesive Booklet
  • SG3901-3902 Set of 2 Mr Men Self adhesive stamps from the PM54 Booklet
2016 Christmas Stamps issues now in stock and listed
  • SG3903-3910 Set of 8 commemorative stamps
  • Presentation Pack #534
  • MS3911 Miniature Sheet
Post and Go Packs:
Ladybird Post & Go Pack 23 now listed
Hibernating Animals Post & Go Pack 24 now listed

14th November 2016:
Six new "U" number Security Machin stamps are now listed to include the new colour change BRIGHT SCARLET .
1st Class:
Code B (U2968ab)
Code C (U2968ba)
Code S (U2968da)
Code T (U2968ea)
1st Class Large:
Code B (U2973a)
Code F (U2974a)

10th November 2016:
New security Machins just arrived and added to stock. U2983a Royal Mail Signed For up to 100g and U2985 Special Delivery up to 100g both with date code 16

24th October 2016:
Now in stock: 2nd class U2957 date 16 and 1st class red U2958a date 16 from counter sheets (no source code)

11th September 2016:
England Regionals The scarcer and newly listed type I ribbon on the 2nd class (EN6b), 1st class (EN7b), 44p( EN11b) and 72p (EN17a) now listed and in stock

20th August 2016:
New "U" Number Machin stamps added to include the U3012 5p Date 16 code P, U3013 10p Date 16 Code P  and the U3021b £1.05 Date 16 Code P all from the DY19 Beatrix Potter Prestige stamp booklet

Number U3012 Red Brown 5p Date 15 Code P from DY13 2015 War Prestige stamp booklet now changed to U3012c Deep Red Brown to be in line with the 2016 SG Concise stamp catalogue

New number U3012c for the 5p Date 15 code P with ellipses towards the top (this is the 2nd change in number, previously 3012b and 3012d) Change made by Stanley Gibbons in the September issue of GSM

PM51 Queens Birthday Book 2 Now listed

12th August 2016:
New commemorative stamps and miniature sheet added:
SG3834-3835 2016 Prince William & Prince Harry Self Adhesive Stamps from PM51 Booklet
SG3838-3843 2016 Centenary of the 1st World War 3rd Issue Stamp Set
SG3844-3847 2016 Centenary of the 1st World War Stamp Set from DY18 Prestige Booklet
MS3848 2016 Centenary of the 1st World War Miniature Sheet

10th August 2016:
New Security Machins added:
1st Class Source Code S Date Code 16
5p No Source Code Date Code 16
2nd Class Large Source Code F Date Code 16
1st Class Large Source Code B Date Code 16

21st June 2016:
Prestige Stamp Booklets completely revised and now include all booklets issued up to date.

19th June 2016:
New Date 16 "U" Number security Machin stamps added
U2932   £1.00 from counter sheets date code 16
U2960a 1st Large from counter sheets date code 16
U2984a 1st Large Signed For date code 16
U2986   500g Special Delivery date cde 16
U2968a 1st Class from business sheets (source code B) date code 16
U2959   2nd Large from business sheets (source code B) date code 16
U2974   1st Large from booklets of 4 (source code F) date code 16
U2963   1st Class from booklets of 12 (source Code T) date code 16
U3746   1st Class Bright Lilac from commemorative booklets (source code C) date code 16
U3016   1st Class Vermilion (gummed) from Prestige Booklet (source Code P) date code 16
U3747   1st Class Bright Lilac (gummed)from prestige booklet (source code P) date code 16

For the complete series of "U" number Machin stamps with security overlay Click Here

17th June 2016:
Animail Miniature sheet and Presentation Pack  now listed

13th June 2016:
Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday stamps now listed in the Set of Stamps, the Miniature Sheet and the Presentation Pack.

Queens Elizabeth II 90th Birthday PM50 Commemorative Booklet along with the two Self Adhesive stamps from the booklet.

12th June 2016:
Now added 400th death Anninversary of William Shakespeare in  Stamp Sets
and Presentation Packs

8th June 2016:
King Edward VII mint stamps now include the set of 9 on chalky paper in both mounted and unmounted mint. HERE

7th June 2016:
New Security Machin Stamps added with date code 16

U2920 1p with date code 16 now added HERE
U2921 2p with date code 16 now added HERE
U2923 10p with date code 16 now added HERE
U2924 20p with date code 16 now added HERE

1st June 2016:
Pre Decimal Machin Stamps now listed and can be purchased as singles, in a basic set of 16 or a complete set of 39. All can be found HERE

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